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September 22, 2023



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The centrepoint of every view


Step by step and on command, each of the parts is taking up position. Like musicians in an orchestra, every instrument has its own time and place.

Now that the subcells have been installed and adjusted attention is turning to the tertiary mirror tower. The crane will lift it into its final location, where it will rotate through 180º to direct the light. It will stand at the centre of the primary mirror itself.

The turret cannot be seen at the moment. Its black facade will have to remain covered until every piece has been installed and its upper section, the protective screens, has arrived.

For now then, the tertiary mirror turret is hidden beneath a silver cover. 1.8 metres in diameter and 7 metres high, the turret will turn on its base to point the tertiary mirror at the chosen focus.

Natalia R. Zelman

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