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September 24, 2023



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  • 26/09/2007
    The names of the second ones
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    Despite appearances, and although the differences between them are virtually imperceptible, the mirrors of the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS are not identical. Each segment has been engineered to within a millimeter to fit perfectly into the primary mirror, so a way to tell them apart has had to be devised. Read this article

  • 06/09/2007
    And there was light
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    "One, two, three..." I counted them again (I was so nervous!). One two... twelve! Then all the separate reflections were brought together into one. We had done it! We had produced First Light . Read this article

  • 31/05/2007
    Opinions: The visit from CIRCE
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    Steven Eikenberry is a Professor and Investigator at the University of Florida, but he is also responsible for the team building CIRCE (Canarias Infrared Camera Experiment), the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS' (GTC's) first visiting instrument. Read this article

  • 16/05/2007
    Adding the final touches to "GUACAMOLE"
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    Flavour, lots of flavour, is what's called for to complete the recipe. The combination of ingredients needed to track a guide star, set all of the mirrors beating to the same time and wring a unique pinch of spice from each of the condiments in this GUACAMOLE to add zest to the rhythm of the whole. Read this article

  • 09/03/2007
    Controlling time II...and GPaSsing by
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    Space and time are intimately related. Having the right time is essential for the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS. With it we will know the position of the stars at any particular moment, so that the telescope can be pointed in the right direction at the right time. Read this article

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