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February 3, 2023



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  • 16/04/2003
    The spinning tower
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    Lots of things can be used to reflect light - like glass, metal...or a mirror. The GTC’s tertiary mirror is an efficient ‘relay’ that can deflect light received from the secondary mirror to six different foci and therefore six different instruments. Read this article

  • 29/04/2003
    Like an oil pocket
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    As usual, we will make everything as clear to you as water...except that this time the subject is oil. This superstructure, with all of its components, weighs 400 tonnes - and its entire weight must be spread across bearings so that it 'floats' on an oil pocket. Read this article

  • 09/05/2003
    A dollop of delicious guacamole (I)
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    GUACAMOLE is the name of the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS' (GTC's) Acquisition, Guiding and Calibration Module, which will be used to track stars during observation. Read this article

  • 22/05/2003
    A dollop of delicious guacamole (II)
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    Following stars across the sky... making friends with them, finding out what their lives have been like and letting them tell us what our own past and future hold... We will only be able to do all this if we can look at stars that are "fixed". This is where the Acquisition and Guiding devices (A&G) will come in. Read this article

  • 03/06/2003
    Points of view: Charles Telesco
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    "(...) Its unique combination of features, and the fact that it will be installed at the biggest telescope in the world, mean that Canaricam will be a very powerful instrument". Charles Telesco. Read this article

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