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  • 04/01/2008
    Are you an Astronomer?
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    Scene II
    Gaspar to Balthazar
    “May God save you Sir, are you an Astronomer?”
    In the second half of the 12th century a short play called the Drama of the Three Wise Men (El Auto de los Reyes Magos) was written by an anonymous author, who was probably a monk. The play is thought to be one of the first written in the language that we know today as Castilian Spanish. Read this article

  • 14/12/2007
    The GTC and the Cosmology
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    Every year the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) hosts a Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics. For two weeks, PhD students and recently graduated Doctors of Astrophysics focus on a hot topic in astronomy with a group of eminent experts. Read this article

  • 22/11/2007
    The primary mirror, piece by piece
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    In July the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS saw its first light, which means that it turned its eyes on the sky for the first time and captured its first images. It did this using just twelve of the 36 segments that will make up its primary mirror. Read this article

  • 25/10/2007
    Let's start playing
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    We're sure you'll have tried it already: looked at a car on a vehicle manufacturer's website and moved the picture around to view it from every possible angle. Read this article

  • 08/10/2007
    "Science must go on"
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    An astronomer retakes his doctoral thesis after a career in a world-famous rock band. It could be a far-fetched Hollywood movie but, once again, truth proves to be stranger than fiction. Science and art come together, Brian May comes back to the telescope. Read this article

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