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November 28, 2022


All about GTC

How will it work?

The mechanical structure

The mount

The entire weight of the tube will rest on the mount, a subsystem that, together with the motors and the azimuth and elevation bearings, will enable the telescope to rotate on two axes. Its load (its own weight plus that of the tube) will be borne through the azimuth ring by the telescope pier. The mount will be made up of the Nasmyth platforms and the yoke.

The Nasmyth platforms will act as structural support for the instruments mounted on them and will each carry a maximum load of 10 tonnes.

The fork will be the mount’s main structural element. An assembly of conjoined metal columns, the fork will ensure that the telescope does not lose pointing accuracy because of vibrations. It will be made up of two arms whose lower halves are joined together to form a square-shaped base. The fork will hold the tube and the Nasmyth platforms in place.