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March 25, 2023


All about GTC

How will it work?

The enclosure

The telescope enclosure will be formed by the base and the pier.  The enclosure’s base will be a fixed, reinforced concrete cylinder 31 m in diameter and 13 m high, on top of which will be the rotation track for the dome. The base will house some of the service areas like the cleaning facilities, the oil pumping room for the hydrostatic bearings and the recoating plant for the aluminized optical components.

The telescope pier will be a hollow cylindrical ring of concrete with an exterior diameter of approximately 15 m, a width of 1 m and a height of 8 m. On top of the pier, which will carry the weight of the entire telescope, will rest the azimuth ring. The foundations for the base and the pier will be completely separate so that no vibrations are transferred from one to the other.

The annexe building, just one storey high, will join on to the base of the telescope enclosure and will house auxiliary service and support areas for the site like the control room, the stores and the maintenance workshops.